Erasmus + 2016/18

"Embracing Differences under the umbrella of tolerance"

The first meeting took place in Stare Babice, Poland 05.-10.12.2016
The second meeting took place in Lubana novads, Latvia 01.-05.05.2017




“Children Protecting the Planet”

Starting in 2012, the Berkersheimer school was granted a two-year, multilateral Comenius Project, in which schools from Finland, Iceland, Poland, France, and Spain would take part.

Under the Actions (Aktionen) section you will find the first project that was completed within the scope of “Children Protecting the Planet.” The children gathered garbage in the surroundings of their school.

Sustainability is also a theme for the participating students. Here you will find a link to the questionnaire the students of classes 2-4 occupied themselves with on Hessen's second Day of Sustainability and the questionnaire's analysis.

All the Comenius schools make handicrafts out of materials found in nature.

The fourth grade learns the English names of the deciduous trees that grow in Berkersheim.

Grade 1a makes St Nicholas Christmas ornaments out of used toilet paper rolls.

All the children submitted their own Book of Trees. The tree books were traded with the partner schools so that all the students could learn about the trees in their partner's region.

Grade 3a made little angel Christmas ornaments out of yoghurt containers.

Here you find the Christmas tree decorations made by classes 1B, 2, 3B, and 4.

Talking about food and nutrition in class 4.

We received a little book with photos, names and informations about children in our partner schools in France and Poland.


The meeting of the teachers of participating schools happened on the first Advent's weekend of 2012. The “Frankfurter Neue Presse” and “Die Lokale” reported on the meeting.