“The School Day”

The student's day-to-day is diversely and professionally molded by the teachers of the Berkersheim school. The school schedule is based on an annual cycle. In our classrooms they teach yearly curriculums. Additional work groups are offered by competent faculty: in exchange for a course fee interested students can take place in. These courses are partially funded by our booster club:

Computer Workshop
Goldfinger Workshop
Art Workshop

The following workshops can be visited without a fee:

English Picture books
Girls' Football
Music Ensemble

During the recesses in the schoolyard many movement games are available to the children. These games allow them to train their dexterity and teamwork. The loaning of materials from their games container is organized by the children.

All classes have the possibility to borrow books each week from the school's very own library. All children are also taught how to play the pipe.

If our facilities are too small for cooperative school projects, we can use the facilities of the church parish, the fire department, or the renovated town hall. There are two additional playgrounds available in the area.

Since December 2003 we have had a room to make handicrafts and work! A stove and oven are also available for our use.